<h2> Outlook 2007 is Slow! Here's a way to speed up Outlook 2007 </h2> <p> If you've installed Outlook 2007 you know it's slow! Here's how I got mine to run at a usable speed. </p>

<p> The most substantial speed increase I got was by turning off the “OutlookAddin.” To do this on Vista you must run in Administrator mode. So right click on your Outlook icon and select “Run as administrator” </p> <ul>

<li>Click on Tools</li>
<li>Click on Trust Center</li>
<li>Select Add-ins</li>
<li>At the bottom Click Go</li>
<li>Uncheck  OutlookAddin</li>


<p> It's been said you can uncheck all of them if you wish. Some say the “Windows Search Email Indexer” is worth leaving enabled. And it's the only thing I left enabled. </p>

<h4>Update!</h4> <p> Microsoft now has a patch out which helps even more.<p> <a target=“_blank” href=“”></a>

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